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A solid public relations campaign makes your brand, business or event newsworthy. News coverage is something that advertising dollars cannot buy, and it reaches people in a way that is informative instead of intrusive. Results are gaged by the way our client’s brand is elevated as a result of our public relations and social media marketing activities. We measure our success through impressions and analytics.

Connecting People Through Words


Bottom line, proactive media relations makes a difference. Regardless how compelling, inspiring, or persuasive your story is, it’s only going somewhere if the right people hear it. At SHES THE BOSS BRAND, we have deep and broad ties to leading members of the digital, print and broadcast media, including digital publications, newspapers, magazines, trade publications, radio, and television. When we call, they answer the phone.

Print and broadcast media once were king, but in today’s world, people increasingly rely on the Internet to get their news. SHES THE BOSS PR savvy media specialists take the time to create a print, broadcast and/or digital strategy that dovetails with and drives your larger marketing and business plans. We artfully frame your story and pitch it in a way that grabs attention, builds interest and enhances your brand.

As one of the top PR and social media management firms in Texas NY And CA , we know how to give your story legs. We understand what the media wants (and what they don’t) and how to present information in a way that resonates with journalists and the public alike while being sensitive to timing and tone. SHES THE BOSS PR will be sure your story is delivered in the right way, to the right people, at the right time, via the right media medium.

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